Intelligent LED Drivers

All of the LED driver products feature robust user interfaces. Neither a microcontroller nor external dimmer circuit is needed to manager the brightness of the LEDs. Momentary contact / membrane switches with as much as 10K ohms on-resistance can be used to enable the LEDs and control their brightness. These same interfaces easily connect to microcontrollers for remote/wireless and sophisticated control applications.


The 904 – 907 products enable portable lighting applications to accommodate battery voltages from 1.8 to 40 volts with just 5 uA off current, and drive LEDs from 2 to 40 volts at 1 Ampere without external power FET devices. All products feature a small 4×4 mm QFN package, 128 to 1 brightness control, low-battery warning, internal timer for automatic shut-off, and special modes of flashing and SOS. An interactive demonstration of these control features shows the ease and benefit to the end user.

The 908 – 909 products target feature rich AC lighting applications and can be used with as little as 12 Vac. They feature power factor correction of > 0.95, brightness control over a 128 to 1 range, and less than 50 mW of standby power. These integrated circuits each have three separate control functions: (1) power factor correction, (2) LED brightness control, and (3) auxiliary power generation. The PFC is compatible with conduction angel dimmers and provides a signal that may be used to control the LED brightness. The brightness control section features user-input signals from touch button controls, conduction-angle to brightness translation, direct LED modulation, and LED temperature sensing to eliminate over temperature concerns. The auxiliary power section provides the system designer the flexibility to power external communication and control functions independently from the on / off status or LED brightness. The variety of interfaces make these products the core of intelligent lighting products.

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